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Jun 1, 2006
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April 17
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Administrator, from Long Island, NY


Rooting, unlocking bootloaders, flashing and more. Good times with the HTC One M7. Oct 15, 2014

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May 21, 2015 at 12:36 PM
    1. chris
      Rooting, unlocking bootloaders, flashing and more. Good times with the HTC One M7.
    2. chris
      Looks like I changed a few things here!
    3. chris
      Just updated some awesomeness to the Android forums at eA.
    4. chris
      Making more changes to eA.
    5. chris
      Time to call it a night. All in all, a successful day. Maybe tomorrow we'll get that app fixed.
    6. chris
      To say I'm excited about the changes at everything Android would be an understatement!
    7. JNunez3000
      Thanks for checking out the film i posted, glad u liked it
    8. chris
      It all depends. In the past 6 months, I've used the Droid, iPhone 3GS, Palm Pre and T-Mobile G1. iPhone 3GS is a staple for sure due to the apps. I try and switch it up as much as I can. Given what I do, it's important to have perspective that's only gained from using all the current platforms. I had a BlackBerry Bold, but it's been a while since I've used it. Lack of a webkit browser is a big issue for me.
    9. AndroidN3rd
      What phone do you carry? =O
    10. tman065
      Chris, yesterday, I clicked the "mark forum read" button at the bottom of the E-WM page and it marked everything read here at E-Android as well...

      Tim B
    11. wnrussell
    12. dawnlds2003
      chris have you ever had a problem with your text message i also can't backspace. When texting a box with six squares popps up on mr screen. Its weird...
    13. DanKester
      Chris-Thanks for the article on MotoQ teather for my Mac Book Air.
      The downloads seemed to work and everything worked up to here.
      When I dial I get a voice saying I can not be connected?
      Type ##342587 and then hit sendChange the option menu to 'enabled' and then exit.
      Head back to System Preferences on your Mac, and go to Bluetooth again Click on your Q device
      in the list and hit Configure A new option to 'connect to internet' should now be available to check
      Hit continue and it will ask for the settings (IT WON'T LET ME ENTER ANY INFO IN THE BOXES)THANKS
    14. BinkusMommy
      Thank you. And thanks to those who posted answers on how to remove the ringtone size limitation (which I didn't even know existed!). Now I can finally customize my ringtones. BTW, do you know where I should store the files? Do I store them in the ringtone folder or the sounds folder? I'm trying to free up some space by elimanting duplicate entries.
    15. vft2003
      Thanks. Can you tell me if moto q global with 6.1 will sync with the hotmail calendar?
    16. jan001
      I posted last night about a problem I'm having trying to buy titles from with the EverythingQ software store. The titles are easy to find on the PC but titles don't show up when I browse or search from the phone. The post is here if you want to see more about the problem and what I've already tried. No one has posted yet with a solution, but one person has suggested I PM you, that you have helped people in the past when they were having trouble with the store. Any help you can provide whenever you have a minute will be much appreciated! Thanks.
    17. jayman
      It's me jsntrenkler from ... Just wanted to let you know I didn't randomly appear from nowhere. Your sites are great Chris, thanks for giving us a great community.
    18. softspirits
      im sure you already know... but the everything q site is showing /dir at the mainpage. Good luck with that.
    19. gcb
      Hi Chris, I had my pop up blocker on, so sorry..
      thanks for the hello :)
    20. nicostar
      nice more friendly than other site i hope(wont call name) thanks Chris
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