Cliq 32 GB Micro SD

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid Phones' started by gledyard, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. gledyard

    gledyard New Member

    The Cliq comes with a 16 GB Micro SD card installed. Does anyone know if the 32 GB that has come out is compatible with the Cliq?
  2. Weapondrift

    Weapondrift Active Member

    Good morning sir, yes it looks as tho the Motorola Cliq is compatable with the 32gb removable memory. It will not be able to handle any more then that but honestly i do not know what anyone would do with more then 32gb of memory :p
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  4. gledyard

    gledyard New Member

    Thanks so much... there is a 64 GB micro SD out now. It's only relevant if you put a lot of video on the unit. Otherwise 32 GB should be huge and more than sufficient.
  5. Weapondrift

    Weapondrift Active Member

    no problem :)

    I currently have an 8gb in my phone and I think ive used maybe 10% of the cards capacity :dft011:tounge_out

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