Alternative Uses for the Google Nexus 7

Discussion in 'Google Nexus 7' started by craiggiarc, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. craiggiarc

    craiggiarc New Member

    So I've had my Google Nexus 7 since launch and while I like it, I find that the fast majority of the time it just sits on a shelf.

    What are some alternative uses for my Google Nexus7?

    Fix it to the fridge for an Internet enabled kitchen?
    Fix it to the bathroom wall for an Internet enabled toilet?
    Mount it to the dashboard of my car?

    Some unique and alternate ideas would be welcome.

  2. stevetaz

    stevetaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    I am curious, when you bought it did you have any preconceived notions as to what you might use it for? Are you on the web surfing every night using the PC or are you a gamer?

    I ask because I bought a tablet six months ago, but I bought it expecting to not have a clue what to use it for. I go up to two or even three weeks without firing it up. Years ago not a night went by that I wasn't on my computer at home, but that has changed to where I might go on one day of the weekend. My wife uses her iPad daily, but she mainly plays games and has now started experimenting with eBooks.

    When I do open the tablet I check emails on a few accounts (something I can use the phone to do) check eA and a few other forums and then scratch my head wondering what all the buzz is about the tablet revolution.

    I do find it handy when I go on vacation as I don't have to break out the laptop just to surf the web. However, I still have to bring the laptop as it has corporate documents and connections I can't do on the tablet. So now I carry the laptop and the tablet.

    I will find it interesting to see what others suggest to you........
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  4. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    I dunno, I have seen some kick ass dash mounts for the N7. That's something I think would be pretty cool if I had the $$ to do that.
  5. stevetaz

    stevetaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    \open rant
    Scares me to think there are people driving around with tablets mounted to their dashboard. The in-dash GPS units and "entertainment centers" are bad enough, but jeeeeeez.....Where will it all end, wrapped around a telephone pole or in my bumper?

    I don't like where I am seeing this all going.....:eek:

    \close rant
  6. craiggiarc

    craiggiarc New Member

    I brought it because I love technology and wanted to get my hands on the Android OS and the Nexus 7 was the best way to do that.

    I do like it but it's no replacement for my new iPad.

    Therefore I was just trying to think of some creative ways of using it.

    Agreed on the car dashboard, that would be too distracting!
  7. stevetaz

    stevetaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    When you say it is no replacement for your iPad, what do you mean? What is it you do with the iPad you can't do with the Nexus? 7" vs 10" aside.....
  8. craiggiarc

    craiggiarc New Member

    Oh I can do everything, I guess I'm just so heavily invested in the iPad and iOS in general that the user experience is just much better on the iPad.

    I specifically use it for reading, gaming, web browsing and watching shows and all those things feel better on the iPad.

    Having been an iPad user from the original iPad though I appreciate that it's going to take a lot to break me out of that cycle.

    The one thing I love about the Android OS is the Google integration. I'm a gmail user personally and our company uses Google Apps and that experience on Android is head and shoulders above that on the iPad.

  9. stevetaz

    stevetaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Understood. Thanks for taking the time to respond.....

    You don't feel that the size and weight difference might be a reason to try and migrate, for example, to the Nexus for reading books?
  10. craiggiarc

    craiggiarc New Member

    I'll wait for the iPad Mini for that! ;-)
  11. stevetaz

    stevetaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for the insight Craig....
  12. iphonewarrior

    iphonewarrior Member

    I've been using my Nexus 7 for various different things i.e travel companion (same as my iPad 3) for watching movies on, reading work emails via exchange (my work gave me a crappy BlackBerry Curve and you can't read attachments properly) and I use it as my sat-nav. Works well!
  13. EQBob

    EQBob Active Member

    About a month ago, 12 miles south of town, a guy barreled into the back of an 18-wheeler at 70mph. He was using his phone, seat mounted laptop and dash mounted Internet enabled gps all at the same time. Apparently never saw it, never braked and will certainly never see the light of another day and return home to his wife and kids. Only good thing was he didn't take anyone else out with his stupidity. Sadly that's rarely the case.

    Can't tell you how many morons sit in the middle lane of the main drag doing 15 under the speed limit while they yap on their phone then try to cut over two lanes to turn at the last minutes. Happens multiple times daily.
  14. EQBob

    EQBob Active Member

    I've used the nook app on my iPad for years for ebooks. Love it!
  15. daruudaruu

    daruudaruu New Member

    Well... All that you can make with an iPad can be made with a Nexus.

    They're just tablets. And Android system has gotten better and better.
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  16. rynders2

    rynders2 New Member

    I do not currently own a Nexus 7 device because I am waiting until the 29th in case of a price drop.

    However, have you tried using the nexus as a TV remote? I have an app on my phone for my 42" LG smart TV that acts as a remote. Most newer TV's have these apps available.

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