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Discussion in 'Google TV' started by ianmullins, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. ianmullins

    ianmullins New Member

    Live TV app on your phones. Bookmark Yamgo TV now for instant access to free live channels and catch up TV on your phone. Yamgo give you the best free mobile tv. Check out Android TV
  2. Marvel Digital

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    And now, many of us start to use Android TV. because from the Android TV, the progrem is free and it has no the Ad.haha Like it very much.
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  4. Scur

    Scur New Member

    Android TV looks VERY limited to what you can watch. (A commercial channel? Really?)
  5. Javierin

    Javierin New Member

    Is this similar than Geniatech or Zero Devices Android TV?? I found these products now and i'm really interested on them. Any reviews about this?


    Thanks for any info about this! (y)
  6. Aadam gibson

    Aadam gibson Member

  7. fskldgnvc

    fskldgnvc Member

    it's really wonderful. not only the size, but also the performance, it makes our life more convinient, wow!!
  8. fskldgnvc

    fskldgnvc Member

    yea, looks great, i use this kind of tvbox..great too...
  9. fskldgnvc

    fskldgnvc Member

    It is the smallest TV box in the world. And of course it will be easy to take with. If you choose this product, it will make your daily life more convinient and wonderful.
    i want to recommend it to you guys the smallest TV box.. [​IMG]
  10. Cassie

    Cassie Guest

    we have a TV box even smaller than this .:D
  11. lrusso85

    lrusso85 New Member

    Mmmm, i used to have a coulpe of android tv boxes, but now i got two android tv usb dongle with hdmi, android 4.0, wifi, 1 ghz cpu and 512 mb ram. It costs me 70 dollars each. They are smaller and pretty fast, i recommend them.
  12. Javierin

    Javierin New Member

    I found the smaller Android PC: ZERO Devices Z902


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  13. Brandon Lee Nelson

    Brandon Lee Nelson New Member

    Dude, there is no app called yamgo on the market and your link is broken too... weak....
  14. stevetaz

    stevetaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    You are looking at a post that is almost 18 month old. Things change......
  15. Brandon Lee Nelson

    Brandon Lee Nelson New Member

    Why don't you delete the thread then genius?
  16. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    Why don't you relax
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  17. Thanks for sharing here..
  18. Kiralinegames

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  19. PacoJr67

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  20. waxrain

    waxrain New Member

    why isn't there a market designed for android TV only?

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