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Discussion in 'Samsung Android Phones' started by Alkali, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Alkali

    Alkali Member

    Dear members,
    I deleted my hotmail email and wants to create another but when I input my email and password ( and I am sure they are correct), I have this error message " can't connect to server" and I have strong internet connection, what do I do? Thanks.

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  2. sherri

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    Make sure you are using the correct settings for Hotmail.

    Manually set up your account. It is a POP3 account. The incoming server is Port is 995. Verify certificate should be "yes".

    Outgoing server is Port is 587. Use Secure server is "no" and verify certificate is "yes".

    Sometimes when the phone does the auto setup, it is incorrect. Try this and let me know.

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  4. Alkali

    Alkali Member

    I did exactly that but says CANT CONNECT TO SERVER when I hit NEXT.
    Username > my email
    Password > my password
    Pop3 Server >
    Port > 995.
    Security> none
    Delete email from server> when I delete from inbox.
    That's all I have.
  5. Alkali

    Alkali Member

    II found the solution. I upgraded to 4.0.4( just got the alert this morning) and it now works! I am able to set the hotmail email. Thanks very much.

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