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Discussion in 'Samsung Android Phones' started by Salil Surendran, Jun 3, 2012.

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    Have been asking this forever and I really need help for I have tried everything. My Droid Charge just spikes up in CPU usage to 100% and stays there forever never coming down. This usually happens when I am driving and using my GPS and also my bluetooth is connected to the car fm modulator. During this point of time I can't go into any other app to check which app is taking up the cpu cycles and kill it. My only option is to reboot. Can someone please let me know:
    1. Is there any app that records cpu usage so that I can diagnose as to what is causing this problem. I don't need an app that tells me which app is using CPU at this point of time since I won't be able to run this app since my phone just freezes. So I need an app that records cpu usage rather that reports it right now.
    2. If the above is not possible is there an app that can be used to kill the app that is taking up maximum cpu and something that can be triggered using a hardware switch(like a power button).
    3. Will changing the kernel etc. help at all. Right now I am running Can I flash a kernel without having reload all my apps and data?
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    If the issue only occurs while using GPS when BT is connected to the car have you tried using only GPS to see if it happens? Or only connecting to the car to see if it happens?

    Not sure if this app will do what you want, but they seem to indicate it will track CPU usage by application and it is free. Or you can troll through this to see if any might meet your needs more.
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  4. n99hockey


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    You can flash a Kernel without clearing out your phone. You have to a. be rooted (duh) b. make sure it is compatible with your ROM

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