GingerBread YouTube app ported to my 2.1 aka Eclair Samsung Epic

Discussion in 'Samsung Android Phones' started by AndroidAdvocate, Oct 27, 2010.

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    Yes you read the title correctly . A guy from the XDA Forum rolle3k cracked the YouTube app so that it'll work on 2.1 devices. Now if you go to his channel he'll have directions showing you how to do it in the command line (I tried but failed so searched for an alternative). The way I'll show you is easy . Basically you use an app that shows all the files on your Android device giving you permission to delete any file. You must do this because the YouTube app on your phone is built in the system(can't uninstall it like other apps.

    So here is how I did it:

    First your phone has to be rooted. So if you have a click them to see how to root.
    Download the new YouTube.apk
    Go to the Android Market and download the app Root Explorer $3.00 or use an app called Titanium.
    In root explorer go to data/data and delete youtube file , then data/dalvik-cache delete youtube file, and go to settings>applications>manage applications>then delete youtube.apk.
    Use Root Explorer to install the new YouTube.apk and you are done.
    Still need help view the video.

  2. Weapondrift

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    any big difference between Froyo and Gingerbread?
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  4. AndroidAdvocate

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    Pretty much now its rumors going around that Gingerbread will have a set UI and standards in hardware but no facts yet.

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  5. Weapondrift

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    I'm gonna wait till cyanogen ports one on a Rom first. I can deal with a little instability but first releases are always buggy as hell

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  6. AndroidAdvocate

    AndroidAdvocate New Member

    I agree but it works great . The person who cracked it said all he had to do was remove a couple of commands .but probably by the timw cynogen does that the epic should have 2.2 by then.

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  7. Weapondrift

    Weapondrift Active Member

    Yeah I saw that, its basically some command files so it leads me to believe there's really not much difference.

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