Gizmodo Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Tab' started by chris, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    Moto X
    In a word, "ouch".

    Here's the review.

    This thing is just a mess. It's like a tablet drunkenly hooked up with a phone, and then took the fetus swimming in a Superfund cleanup site.
  2. mike250rs

    mike250rs New Member

    Awww I kinda feel sorry for the little guy .... enough of that, take it out back behind the shed and put it down

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  4. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    Wow that was rough

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  5. ravman

    ravman New Member

    Mr Happy.

    The guy doing the review was a little on the miserable side. Seems like nothing will ever impress him. Maybe he needs to get a girlfriend and have her pop his cherry. Like everything else, I'm sure Samsung will be releasing a hord of software updates to fix issues etc.

    I'm going to wait until I head out to the UK next month, and check out the Tabs out there. They have the phone part enabled. But I'm sure will be only a matter of time before someone hacks the phone part out here in the US and manages to turn it on.
  6. gnath9

    gnath9 Member

    All I can say is ... That was not a review ... it was a brain washed apple drone spewing lies. I have the galaxy tab and it runs perfect.
  7. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Member

  8. ch3mi0n

    ch3mi0n New Member

    Glad to hear from someone who actually owns one. What a lot of people fail to realize, is that the reviewer may have had a demo/pre-release unit which might have been buggier than the final product. All reviews should always be taken with a grain of salt anyway.

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