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Discussion in 'Motorola Droid Phones' started by Bucket, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Bucket

    Bucket New Member

    I'm thinking of getting a Droid. Right now trying to figure out what kind of plan I need and I have two questions.

    Verizon says I have unlimited calling others using Verizon. Does that not work with GV? Does it matter if the call is outbound or inbound?

    How does the Google Voice SMS integrate with Android? I have heard it does not have push but that is not a big deal. If I send a message does it use my data plan to send it (therefore no message plan with Verizon needed)? Does it require me to use the internet navigator to send a message for free?

  2. KelchM

    KelchM New Member

    Your Google Voice number is not a Verizon number, so no. I'm not sure about incoming calls.

    SMS doesn't really integrate into Android. You use the Google Voice app to send SMS, receive SMS/Voicemail. Messages sent/received via the google voice app are purely data.

    It is true there is no 'push' for GV events. A workaround to this is to forward the SMS to the phone, then disable the default sms notifications. When a message is received in the stock app from your GV number it causes the GV app to refresh automatically. Thus you get push but you also need a text message plan.
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  4. Bucket

    Bucket New Member

    I was thinking just have GV send the message to my email which is pushed to the phone. I could even respond right there in the email and not use the GV application.
  5. TheMadJester

    TheMadJester New Member

    you also will need to add your google voice number as one of your 10 friends and family numbers or else you'll use your minutes every time you get a call or call out. no matter who it's to because you're technically calling your google voice number first.

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