T-Mobile G1 Official T-Mobile G1 Battery Saving Tips

Discussion in 'HTC Android Phones' started by johnnydangerously, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. johnnydangerously

    johnnydangerously New Member

    I had half a charge last night and my G1 was DOA this morning. I figure it's a good time to start a discussion on battery saving tips for the G1. Feel free to chime in...
  2. johnnydangerously

    johnnydangerously New Member

    Turn off WiFi when you are not using it.

    Go To Settings > WiFi (uncheck box)
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  4. johnnydangerously

    johnnydangerously New Member

    Disable 3G and use EDGE only. Forcing the G1 to switch between 3G and EDGE can affect your battery.

    Settings > Mobile Networks > Use Only 2G Network
  5. cgray999

    cgray999 New Member

    Battery Saving Tips

    As this phone was developed by HTC some of the same battery saving tips that apply to the T-Mobile Dash or Shadow apply to the G1.

    First take the brightness down to about 25% of the slide bar or take it down as low as you can tolerate this is one of the biggest savings you can make.

    Second make sure the GPS is turned off unless you are using it much like the WiFi if it is on and not in use it is draining the battery.

    I set my screen timeout to 30seconds.

    I also hit the end key one time when you are done with the phone it will shut down the screen.

    All of these things will improve the battery life.
  6. andos99

    andos99 New Member

    when i go to settings, i don't have a mobile networks setting?
  7. cgray999

    cgray999 New Member

    2G only

    Settings, wireless controls , then Mobile networks
  8. the_mamat

    the_mamat New Member

    whoa..lot of things to do just to save the battery..wonder how they thinking about inventing this phone.
    maybe this battery things just a small thing. but as we pay and walk out of the store it is our problem. why not suggest they're using the solar panel like the calculator 10 years ago...
  9. imported_Robman

    imported_Robman New Member

    Battery is crap!!

    My G1 battery life is crap. I left my house with it fully charged i had 1 call that lasted less than 2 mins. and 3 text messages, at 5pm that day with my battery at 23%, i turned the screen brightness all the way down turned the gps off and the 3G radio off, at 745pm i had less than a 5% charge. So what is the stand by time OFFICIALLY on this phone. And my question is do i have to turn all this stuff off every day to make it last just 12 hours, that is CRAP!!!! here is a helpful link http://www.betanews.com/article/Making_the_G1s_battery_live_longer_than_a_soap_bubble/1224792772
  10. LitoCg2Rider

    LitoCg2Rider New Member

    i fully charge my battery til 5am this morning ..i went to work with the g1 on..talk on it for a hour or so and send txt messages like i always do then went on the web to check my emails...went home with 40% battery life... at 5:20pm and still didnt recharge it...
    wifi off
    GPS off
    light brightnes set to middle:cool:
  11. gothcube

    gothcube New Member

    After receiving update RC29, I have seen my battery improve by at least 50%. I keep my wifi, gps, 3g off and screen brightness all the way down. Before the update I was at about 15% every night when I plugged it in and now i'm regularly at about 40% when I plug in for the night.
  12. LitoCg2Rider

    LitoCg2Rider New Member

    wow you the 1st i heard from that receive the update for the RC29..did u called them or they just send it to you?i want the update also..ahhh
  13. gothcube

    gothcube New Member

    nope, i waited for it forever and suddenly one day there it was! my buddy got his a day before mine, so i started freaking out... but it eventually came. i dont know why some people are getting them sooner than others, bit i immagine it has something to do with how and when your phone allocates itself with a supported tower.
  14. kronos

    kronos New Member

    I am a new G1 owner and I must say I am pleased with my choice. I love this phone. Anyway, thanks for the tips all its much appretciated!
  15. aznsealz

    aznsealz New Member

    whats the difference between EDGE and 3G
  16. johnnydangerously

    johnnydangerously New Member

    3G is much faster than EDGE. It's also more difficult to get a 3G connection at times. Your G1 will switch depending on what's available. If constant switching occurs, it will affect your battery life. Defaulting to EDGE will give you slower Internet access, but your phone will not currently switch. As 3G coverage improves, this becomes less of an issue.
  17. browneyedgirl

    browneyedgirl New Member

    Rc29 update

    Ok, how would i know if i received the update for RC29? i recd alot of updates when i first had my phone, but i am not sure i have this one... what is that update anyway?? thanks for your help!!--Christina
  18. miro

    miro New Member

    From the home screen, press the Menu key, then tap Settings. Scroll down and tap About Phone, then scroll down to the last item marked Build Number.

    In my case, I have RC30, and it looks like this:

    kila-user 1.0 TC4-RC30 116143...
  19. browneyedgirl

    browneyedgirl New Member

    miro.. thanks for your help!! i have rc30 as well

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