Galaxy Nexus ok. I bought a how do I .....? (?'s follow)

Discussion in 'Samsung Android Phones' started by EQBob, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. EQBob

    EQBob Active Member

    Thank you Sherri!
  2. stevetaz

    stevetaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hey, it's a style...:whistle:
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  4. stevetaz

    stevetaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Couldn't sleep again Sherri?
  5. sherri

    sherri Well-Known Member

    Actually, Rachel was a featured dancer in her high school musical this weekend. They did "Anything Goes".

    Play ended at 11:00 both nights. On Friday, the entire cast went to TGIF's. (Somehow, I became the "cool" parent, and Rae's friends wanted us to go with them. We did, but sat separately (our choice! 130 teenagers aged 14-18....) Didn't get home until after 3:00.

    Last night was cast party at the leads house. My car seats 8, so I had "drop off duty". Which was fine, as Rachel was in the younger group of kids, and although I am a "cool" parent, I wanted to see the "chaperones/safety issues..." Since kids live scattered throughout district, different parents took home different groups. My neighbor took home (4 kids in carpool home...) She got home after 2, so my already screwed up sleep issues were not helped!

    Excellent show, though!

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  6. rom x

    rom x Member

    you guys are too funny
  7. sherri

    sherri Well-Known Member

    Welcome to our fully dysfunctional family! (Seriously, many of us have been "together" since 2007.....longer than many Hollywood marriages! Glad you can join us!)

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  8. stevetaz

    stevetaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, now make your bed and do the dishes......:D
  9. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    Nice pick up Bob!!
    Sorry missed all the questions, was playing some golf this weekend :)

    You are going to dig this phone!
  10. sherri

    sherri Well-Known Member

    It's OK, Scott...Steve picked up your slack! :p

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  11. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    I see that!
  12. EQBob

    EQBob Active Member

    Were you out this with Tiger? <G>
    As for missing the questions, 6-9 are still unanswered, although Steve has done a yeoman's job of putting up with me.
  13. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    That I believe is your VIP group. Just add or remove people to that group and it should change the contacts in that star section

    No, don't need one. If you wish to cancel or close an app, go to the homescreen and hit the right hand soft key and swipe to the left or right to close out an app.

    I like Beautiful Widgets

    I don't know what ICE is. What does it do?

    No I wasn't with Tiger, although I did play pretty well for my first time out of the year. 44 on the front 9 and 39 on the back 9. I'll take that any day of the year. :)
  14. EQBob

    EQBob Active Member

    Um....ok....I give....what's a VIP group? I'm using Touchdown and Gmail for my email stuff including Contacts... Have never seen a group thing in there??

    I've been using that quite a bit. Apps seem more behaved on ICS then previous version. For exxample, AA and Continental are not running constantly.

    Thank you, I will look that up.

    ICE is "In Case of Emergency". It's an app that stores important medical and contact information, like call my wife at this number and I'm allergic to such and such and transport me to this hospital and admit on this insurance info. There are several apps in this category, but the one I had, by Appventive (I think), had the additional feature of integrating into the lock screen, so that if you lock your phone, a widget on that screen would allow emergency personnel to access the critical information. Great protection for those 30 mile bike roads alone on the back roads. Unfortunately, that lock screen integration was quite buggy and would frequently lock the phone, or not allow answering of an incoming call, etc. Disable the lock screen integration and the app itself was fine...but the whole concept of ICE is to get information in front of those that can't get it when you can't communicate it...and if your phone is locked and this doesn't work....not very effective <G>

    Awesome! I love golf, but never get a chance to play and need major lessons to get under a hundred. After that, I'll tackle going to the second hole. I have no problem hitting the ball 250 yards...but unfortunately, only 20 of them are straight...the other 230 are sliced.
  15. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    Go to your contacts, swipe left to see the groups, and see what is under VIP. You might have some contacts 'starred' which could put it in that group.

    Ah, never used on of those, so I am not really sure. Sorry.

    Hehe, I like it, its nice to get out with some friends. While yes, it can be unbelievably frustrating, I enjoy it. :)
  16. EQBob

    EQBob Active Member

    Well look at that...never knew that was there!!! I think I learn something new everytime I pick the phone up! I actually don't have a group called VIP, but if I swipe the other way, I do see the star and I found where I can toggle that in my contacts that came in via TouchDown. Thanks Scott! I assume I can create groups by hitting the "+" I saw there. Are there groups I "need" Is this simply an ICS organization thing?

    On a related question, whereever there's a "picture" that should come up for me, I get the little greyed out Android dude. While I don't really need a picture of my ugly mug on my phone, where do you set that picture so you don't have the little grey dude?
  17. stevetaz

    stevetaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Bob, have you contacted the developer? They claim the app works even with Locked Screens:
    Stores important information for first responders and hospital staff to use in case of an emergency involving you:
    • A list of people to call -- can call directly from the app
    • Insurance information
    • Primary doctor's name and number -- can call directly from the app
    • Allergies
    • Medical Conditions
    • Medications
    • Any special instructions or other information you wish to provide
  18. stevetaz

    stevetaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Picture that should come up such as where? Can you give a few examples?
  19. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    No problem.
    Yes, its just for organizational purposes.

    You either have to input a picture of yourself, OR if you have an image in gmail already it should use that.
  20. EQBob

    EQBob Active Member

    Sure. And their pulic claims were a bit different than their private response acknowledging bugs on some models. I haven't revisited the app since getting ICS. Kept it on my Fascinate, just not integrated on lock screen.
  21. EQBob

    EQBob Active Member

    Q12: So I REALLY like the feature of this phone where when a call comes in you can swipe them to receive a text message. Where do you customize those messages?

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