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Discussion in 'Motorola Droid Phones' started by DroidRobot12, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. DroidRobot12

    DroidRobot12 New Member

    It seems as tho the majority of websites that I visit I am unable to pull up video. YouTube works great but when I visit sites like CNN/MSN/AskMen.com/BoreMe.com I am unable to watch videos. Is there something I need to download (codecs?) in order to make this work. Thanks for the help in advance. And long live the Droid :dft011:tounge_out
  2. tj!2k6

    tj!2k6 New Member

    This is due to the current lack of Flash Player availability, however, Adobe plans on releasing a Flash player for pretty much all mobile platforms (except iPhone) early next year... so hang in there!
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  4. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Member

    "A subset of Flash is already on mobile devices, but Flash Player 10.1 will bring the full player to Symbian S60, Google Android, Palm Web OS, and Windows Mobile 6.5. Apple's iPhone browser will not be supported, although developers will be able to build content using Creative Suite 5 and post applications to Apple's AppStore for download."

  5. DroidRobot12

    DroidRobot12 New Member

    Bummer! I will wait....still waiting....thanks for your help!
  6. Boycan

    Boycan New Member

    "Subset of flash" is this something already on the Droid or something we need to download? My only complaint so far is the Droid will not play the same online video's that my Q9c would. Everythings not on youtube after all! :dft012:wink
  7. manic

    manic New Member

    I thought I read that Flash 10.1 would be available EARLY 2010. Now the Adobe site says first half 2010. That could mean as soon as a month or as long as 6 months:016:upset I also read that Adobe planned on porting Flash 10 to major cell platforms earlier this year. They decided to push back the date so they could port for ecliar (android 2.0). I guess they have had the source code and are working on it. So we will have to wait. The good news is Flash 10.1 will support multitouch, double tap and will work with the accelerometer. Hopefully it releases sooner than later....
  8. animal

    animal New Member

    that makes me happy.. i hope it won't be a seperate app.
  9. Eugene

    Eugene New Member

    Interesting to note though is that youtube uses flash so maybe thats what they mean by a subset of flash. So it seems like we should be able to play non youtube videos in the youtube player.

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