Samsung GT-S6500D bought in China

Discussion in 'Samsung Android Phones' started by Pangpang, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Pangpang

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    I'm relatively new to this whole Android thing but I'm trying to learn quickly. I live in small city in China. I recently bought a Samsung "Mini-Galaxy" (GT-S6500D) which is a pretty cool little phone in general but I'm having a major issue with it. I didn't discover this until I got it home and I could kick myself for not catching it at the store. I wouldn't have bought it had I known. The phone absolutely refuses to let me do anything that involves Google in any form. I can't add a Google account to it and therefore can't sync my Gmail or use the Google Play store. I've brought it back to the store several times and the folks there are nice but they don't seem to even understand exactly what I'm talking about despite my bringing a Chinese friend with me to translate. I had s friend call the Samsung China hotline and ask and she was told since the phone was made in Korea and not many Koreans use Google the company decided not to install the ability to add a Google account. This is, of course, nonsense but it is reflective of the level of cooperation I can expect from the company. Anyway, I'm not going to get a refund so I'm basically stuck with this phone. Mind you, I like it for the most part but not being able to download some apps I want is a real drag. ("China Apps" has most of the same apps as Google Play but not all.) I've been trying to either get the Hong Kong firmware which is different from what is here on the mainland and has Google or "root" the phone, which I've been told may very well solve the problem. I've downloaded a few zip files that I thought would root the phone and installed them while the phone was in recovery mode and none has worked so far. questions: 1) Will rooting the phone solve this problem? 2) Where on Earth can I find the correct zip file to actually do it?

    Thanks for any help you might offer.
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    Interesting problem and questions, but I thought Google left China due to the demands the Chinese government was making and the Chinese firewalls essentially block most Google services. I don't live there so I really don't know for sure, but here are a couple of links that might be of help with some information. If you can access them of course....'s_Republic_of_China

    Not sure that rooting would solve the problem as the servers/firewall will still recognize the destination you are looking for and probably block access. I would expect the Hong Kong firmware would experience the same problem, but as I said I can't really know.

    Post again to keep us up on what you try and what your experience is.

    Be safe.......
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  4. Pangpang

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    This is my second Android phone and my first was fine. It's not a censorship issue. I've been here for nine years and know all about that. I'm a teacher at a university and I asked several of my students to show me their phone this week. Only other Samsung phones had the same problem as mine. Every other brand was fine.
  5. stevetaz

    stevetaz Super Moderator Staff Member

  6. Pangpang

    Pangpang New Member

    I use Google every day here in China. The first Android phone I had here had all the Google apps on it and they all worked perfectly. I gave that phone to my girlfriend and they still do. China definitely hates Google and has had issues with it. Google+ is blocked here just like Facebook is. Google News is periodically blocked. Gmail, however, usually works just fine. Google Maps also works fine. Why Samsung phones are doing this I really can't say.
  7. Pangpang

    Pangpang New Member

    Google Play is NOT blocked in China. Whoever is saying this simply doesn't have the facts. I live here and have used it many times.
  8. stevetaz

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    Sorry. I have never lived there and can only go by what I have read. Wish I could offer assistance....

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