T-Mobile G1 Should I leave my iPhone for G1??

Discussion in 'HTC Android Phones' started by my95z34, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. my95z34

    my95z34 New Member

    Well, a friend at work wants me to trade my iPhone for his G1. I played with it for a little while, but it seems that there is almost nothing to do on it at all. Like, it's all pretty boring looking.

    Anybody wanna tell me what exactly is good about the G1 to the end user? I know its 'completely open', but is there anything out that takes advantage of this right now?

  2. slackwaresupport

    slackwaresupport New Member

    iphone or g1

    i had both the 2g and 3g iphone and now i have a g1.. i would pick g1 any day over iphone.. my 3g was slow and the battery life sucked...

    my $0.02
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  4. I think all the potential iPhone defectors like myself are looking for the wow factor since no photos of the device provided any. I am walking over to my local T-mobile store today to go play with a G1 and see if I am sold or not, hopefully they have a demo model in stock.
  5. slackwaresupport

    slackwaresupport New Member

    in stock

    lets hope they have one to view..
  6. gPhunk

    gPhunk New Member

    There is NO way you can fully appreciate the G1 merely by spending a brief time with it in a T-Mo store. You have to understand the BIG picture here and realize the potential of this OS. The few apps that are available now are game changing and they will only get more plentiful and more intense. Keep in mind that Apple has a 2+ yr head start on Android Developers so of course the number of apps and the quality of apps are ahead of Android. Give it a couple of months and you will start seeing that migration of iPhone owners to an Android based phone based solely on the O.S. I am one of them and haven't looked back~
  7. ghoonk

    ghoonk New Member

    If you're not impressed with it, then don't buy it, or you'll be disappointed. Stick with your iPhone instead.

    I bought the G1 knowing fully well, that there's a long way to go in terms of app maturity. Overall, there are just a couple of things that I'm not too thrilled about:

    1. MMS settings for my telco doesn't work. Don't know why, don't know how to fix it either. Frustrating, but not critical

    2. MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger services don't work in the IM client over 3G or EDGE. It works fine over a WiFi connection. Definitely frustrating since I am an chronic IM user

    3. Battery life is pretty bad. I spent the last 1.5 hours surfing over 3G, EDGE and Wifi using the web browser, YouTube, and Maps and brought a fully charged G1 down to 60%.

    4. Reception is downright horrible -- in places where i get strong 3G reception on my Nokia E51, I get none on the G1 at all. No service. Zip, nada, zilch. This, in my book, is downright unacceptable, and I am now checking to see if this has to do with the network in Dubai or if it has to do with the phone's hardware - mine is a US set, and according to the HTC site, it supports HSDPA over 1700 Mhz and 2100 Mhz, and my local mobile service provider uses the 2100 Mhz spectrum, so this should not be an issue the way it is.

    5. Google Maps on the G1 does not allow me to create a favourite location. It would be very useful to be able to mark specific locations that are not already listed on the Google Maps database. I find it odd that this is possible on the Series60 version for Nokia devices, but not on Google's own platform.

    6. Sound quality on calls is inferior to my Nokia E51. No idea why, but I can't say I'm impressed, though this is something that later firmware revisions in optimization of the radio kernel may address (or not)

    Aside from this, I'm really enjoying the device. The user experience, in my opinion is superior to the iPhone's, and the ability to multitask is simply worth it over the iPhone. Also, the speed at which this device operates is nothing to sneeze at.

    One should note that the G1 is not positioned as a portable media player with a phone, the way the iPhone is positioned. I see the G1 as more of a Google-Anywhere device than anything else
  8. jigyasa

    jigyasa New Member

    T-Mobile's G1 with Google is no iPhone – but it's close

    I know EXACTLY how you feel. That is why I went through a review and comparison. Out of the many reviews I could find, this one is the best, for prejudiced iPhone lovers at least. :)

  9. mikef1182

    mikef1182 New Member

    I have both the iPhone 3G and the G1, since I got the G1 I honestly have only used my iPhone for the iPod feature, and the G1 as my primary phone. I wrote up a large comparison on my blog if you guys are interested in checking it out. The link is in my sig.
  10. This afternoon I walked over to my local T-mobile store and demoed their G1, I was pleasantly surprised by it, it is a LOT smaller than I thought it was. And it was very responsive when I used it, I am in awe over the phone and almost signed up for a t-mo contract on spot but I held off for now.
  11. bls8195

    bls8195 New Member

    I think I am just about sold on the G1, I use to have the 3G iphone now I am with Sprint and the HTC Touch Diamond Pro. Just waiting for the white version.
  12. ctaylor52

    ctaylor52 New Member

    Iphone vs G1

    I can appreciate the loyalty you have toward a product line you have experienced. But I agree with my fellow poster that the G1 has just launched but it has great potential and can only get better.:)
  13. chris2k5

    chris2k5 New Member

    I left the iPhone for the G1. I was just interested in the Android OS that I had to leave. Plus AT&T and Apple were getting on my nerves with no MMS and Stereo bluetooth.

    I miss the iPhone's awesome browser and multimedia options but I now love the G1's keyboard. Hopefully more updates and apps come along to improve the phone.
  14. princee18

    princee18 New Member

    My brother is having an iphone while my sister has a g1. I like both of them but i think g1 is better. To be honest i would leave an iphone for g1.

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