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Discussion in 'Android' started by NougatCat, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. NougatCat

    NougatCat New Member

    Hello all!
    Found these forums while trying to google my issue, and great to find such a thorough place for everything that might come up!
    After being behind the times for a while, I decided to plunge into a new smartphone, and settled on the ZTE Merit (990G). (based on various google results, I think it's also now known as at&t's Avail). After the initial geeking out period playing with the different options and apps, I linked my phone to my google accounts to be able to check stuff on the go, after which it 'helpfully' decided to import every single gmail contact into my phone Contacts. Eh, I can just go through and delete all the unnecessary ones.

    But... I noticed a frustration when starting to then text messages... is the dictionary on this phone only work in certain modes? Because you know how you can decide whether to use the 'XT9 keyboard', or the 'Android keyboard'? Whenever I'm typing out my word in the Android keyboard, and the space between the keyboard and text box where it's supposed to intuitively suggest words, it does nothing. All/any of the words that it does sometimes suggest, are names from all the stuff imported into my contacts, or parts of their email/contact info. Not actual 'words'. Thanks, but no thanks, google.
    Switch over to the XT9 keyboard and ta da, the intuitive word-suggestion dictionary works there. But shouldn't it work in either one? Or am I mistaken? Not to mention I like the Android keyboard for having the microphone button available to just speak your texts or notes.
    Any suggestions?
  2. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    Yes it should work in all modes. I am not sure what version of Android you have, but go to App Drawer --> Settings --> Language & Input --> Click Android Keyboard --> Advanced Settings and see if Next Word Prediction is on

    Side note...if you delete contacts on your phone, it deletes them from your gmail account all together.
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  4. stevetaz

    stevetaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Moved from eA App Support Forum.....
  5. NougatCat

    NougatCat New Member

    n99 - thank you for reply!
    Steve - Sorry about that.

    Heh... I /thought/ so! But it only works in the one, like mentioned. I've got version 2.3.5 And I've checked the menus... not a whole lot there. Language and Keyboard --> Android keyboard or XT9 Text Input. In Android menu, just options for keypress vibrate/sound/popup, touch to correct words, auto-capitalization, show settings key, voice input. The XT menus are the ones with all the prediction and word selection stuff and auto-correct stuff. The other keyboard is easy enough to get used to (and now I just discovered Swype... wow!)... it was just nice to have the option of the Android keyboard and it's mic, if it would work right. Just wanted to see if it was some bug with my phone, and believe it or not, the support page was no help, so started checking forums... thanks for any suggestions!

    (and re, the linked contacts/gmail thing.... sheesh, seriously?? Ok, I know the tendency is to have everything linked/synced to dang everything else, and all for the tech convenience of that at times, but... thanks for mentioning that because doesn't it seem a little... I don't know, inconvenient if don't need all that there? Oi.... just a world of ways to use/tweak/play with getting used to after tendency to use phone for calls and texting only, and everything else on computer...)
  6. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    I can't remember if my Gingerbread keyboard had the predictive typing mostly becuase I used Swype on my Gingerbread OS'd phone. I know the stock Android Keyboard on Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich does have predictive text.

    However, saying that I am now using Swiftkey Keyboard for typing, I like it better than stock. Plus it has the voice command button.

    While you maybe not NEED all the contacts there, it takes up almost no space in the grand scheme of things, sure you have some more scrolling to do, but for me personally I like seeing everything. In the most up to date OS version (Jelly Bean) you can customize it so you only see contacts from certain 'groups' on your phone if you wanted.
  7. stevetaz

    stevetaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    FWIW....My GB device has just about no choices and predictive text is not there as a selection. It is for the Swype option.
  8. NougatCat

    NougatCat New Member

    Exactly! It's not like the contacts are a big hindrance (especially with how simple it is to scroll through), it was just a little weird suddenly seeing /everything/ dumped in there, even ones I only emailed once years ago that I really don't need on my phone. And then your comment about how none of it is even 'separate' anymore.

    I just wasn't sure if it was something wrong or just the earlier version I had. But that didn't make sense, because with predictive text being around so long (and the annoying quirk of it grabbing 'words' instead from contact list, and absolutely nothing in the menus), was just trying to find out what's up. So you think it's the early version, not a fixable bug? Oh well. Less disappointed not being able to use that keyboard well now anyway, after discovering Swype. It's awesome. I'll have to check out that other one you mentioned (along with who-knows-what other numerous apps).

    And thanks! Despite being a geek with other things, know I sound like a newbie finally trying out everything you can do with Android, and the simplistic problem (it's almost crazy, how much there is... like browsing online and finding people talking about their gazillion apps, and annoying battery life, and rooting, and... eesh).... the fun /and/ annoyances. Posted this to a couple other forums and no activity, so appreciate your thoughts.
  9. stevetaz

    stevetaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Like any new technology to a user they will find annoyances, positives and things they had on a previous device they can't believe wasn't included on the new one.

    As far as I am concerned the learning curve I have been experiencing has been extreme and I haven't even gotten into rooting or custom ROMs at all. I was very used to the BB platform, but we all see where that is headed so I am resigned to learning what I can about this Android thing.

    Scott is very, very knowledgable about the rooting side so feel free to post questions about that (after searching the site first of course) and you can be confident that what he tells you is solid. He has been involved with Android for some time now and as I am sure you have noticed he knows his stuff so post away.....
  10. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    You can't go wrong with swype its a very very good keyboard. Used it exclusively until I found SwiftKey.

    Rooting isn't as bad as it seems, ask away if you questions... That's why we are here. :)

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  11. NougatCat

    NougatCat New Member

    Was gone for a couple days, but just wanted to say thanks for replies!
    Just to say... pretty much what you said. ; ) Thanks guys... Sometimes, with any toy, and like Stevetaz said, it's easy to get used to all the nice stuff, and at the same time be all 'whoah, wait' with figuring out the features, or, as a 'light user', feeling like you're using a tiny percentage of what this thing can actually do, and what I should learn more about with it. Such as Swype and syncing every little thing, as you will... ;)
    Gonna have to start browsing the forum more... mostly just curious what other people get out of their phones, and getting used to mine! Have a great day!

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