Droid Eris thinking about switching to the hero help????

Discussion in 'HTC Android Phones' started by jersey221, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. jersey221

    jersey221 New Member

    so i have a palm pre....build quality sucks as you may know..well i have gone through 4 and may have to get another one so that would be 5 and im tired of having to replace my phones...so what i am wonering is what version of android is the hero running...hows the build quality....what type of comlaints have there been about the phone if any...hows the keyboard...hows battery life..how smooth is the os...what about processor and speed and all that is it quick how much memory does it have built in and does it use micro sd if it does how much does it support.all these things im asking the store i went to didnt answer... thank you to anyone who answers im trying to find a phone that i can stick with longer than the 6 months i have had my pre i like it but its just got to much stuff to be worked out...thanks again :dft010:big_smile
  2. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

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  4. gnath9

    gnath9 Member

    Go for the Droid !!!
    I've have had mine for over a month just absolutely love it, best all around multi media device I have ever seen.
  5. powerwagon

    powerwagon New Member

    I think he's trying to stay with Sprint is the problem. I jumped ship from the Pre and paid heavily for it to get the Droid, but definitely worth it in my opinion. He may not be as stupid with money as me however :)
  6. impaler

    impaler New Member

    Incorrect. Android remains at 1.5 after the update.
  7. mcduffer

    mcduffer New Member

    Do it! I camped out for my Palm Pre in June and thought this phone was going to be great. Its amazing how much time has passed and it still lacks basic features that many phones have. I purchased the Hero as an additional line on my account and am AMAZED at what this phone has and what it can do. I never realized how awesome Android is. The Hero is PACKED with features and is so easy to customize. Love the app store and everything about it. The only thing i miss is an actual keyboard but I had the HTC Touch Diamond on Sprint so Ive been down that road with the keyboard. HTC's Sense UI added to the Android OS makes this a hell of a phone. Probably the best Ive owned to date. I still have my Pre and will continue to use it but eventually the Hero will replace it full time. Too bad for Palm. They are just falling way behind with WebOS. Again, to lack basic features on their life saving phone is just inexcuseable. GO GET THE HERO! :dft012:wink

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