What bothers you most about Zynga? What do you like?

Discussion in 'Android' started by QippArgent, Aug 1, 2012.


In General Zynga with Friends Good or Bad?

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  1. QippArgent

    QippArgent New Member

    Hey all,

    What are your personal pros and cons of the Zynga games, in particular the with friends games.

    Personally I was annoyed at how long it took them to implement reminders and a solution to waiting for innactive opponents. These fixes didn't come till 2011/2012 even tho New Toy Inc built the platform in 2008.

    The reason I ask is I am the creative director for The Canny Group, a new mobile and web studio focusing on strategy games. We are building our platform, with only android currently in beta with our first game Super TTT. We will be looking for seed funding this Fall once web and iOS are complete, and really want to highlight our efforts to address the community's complaints against some of the most successful platforms.

    Thanks for all your help!

  2. chakdev

    chakdev New Member

    What I like about Zynga is the fun and creative games that they have created. When I used to play them they were really enjoyable and were good past times. Why I don't like about Zynga, or almost all social games, is that unless you're willing to pay, you only get to enjoy it for like 10-15 mins. Once the energy or whatever is used up it will take a period of time to recharge. Waiting is not fun. I'd love to have an option to pay for a full game.. a one-shot payment that allows me to play indefinitely until i'm tired and bored with it.
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