What phone are you currently using?

Discussion in 'Android' started by jigyasa, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. jigyasa

    jigyasa New Member

    Just wondering what mobile phones people in here are currently using. Since all of us a re preety excited about the upcoming gPhone, we ought to have some thing way inferior :)
    I am doing OK with Apple's iPhone right now!
  2. tomandrew

    tomandrew New Member

    My current mobile phone is very inferior, It is a Nokia 6230i. It is getting on in years now and i would like to get a new phone.. Just gotta get some cash saved up first.
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  4. dreamr802

    dreamr802 New Member

    I currently have the verizon chocolate. I like it, but I definitely wish I could get the iphone and that the iphone was available on my network but yeah I definitely want to switch back to at&t for that reason.
  5. shreeharsha

    shreeharsha New Member

    I am using a Nokia 6275 CDMA phone, but planing to switch to GSM & purchase a Chinese phone (3" touchscreen display, TV tuner, FM receiver (without connecting enhancement), dual sim .....).
  6. kogama

    kogama New Member

    right now im using the motorola Q its a beautiful phone
  7. PacoJr67

    PacoJr67 Member

    Sprint Q9c
  8. Sav

    Sav New Member

    I have an iPhone 3G, black, and a BlackBerry Curve.
  9. kogama

    kogama New Member

    thats how we do it lol
  10. PunkZanyJ

    PunkZanyJ New Member


    I have a T-Mo Wing. It's not as great as I was hoping it would be, even with all the modding I've done. WM6 is just lame lame lame.
  11. Mei

    Mei New Member

    i really would love to try out gphone but i think i can not afford it yet. lol. i am just using a simple sony erricson s500i.:D
  12. Sav

    Sav New Member

    Edit to my original post ^ there.

    I have an iPhone 3G and a BlackBerry Bold. :D
  13. princee18

    princee18 New Member

    I lost my phone two days back and i had a sony's k790i. I loved its camera and now i am looking for a better phone.
  14. schatzee

    schatzee New Member

    I have a blackberry curve and a motorola rzr. I really want a new phone but am still working on picking a winner. Anyone have any info on a Samsung F700?
  15. attgirl

    attgirl New Member

    Right now, I am just using a ver generic phone since it serves it purpose and I do not use it for anything like surfing. So I am paying the very least I can just so that I can keep a phone number in case I need to be contacted.
  16. glsda

    glsda New Member

    iPhone 3G and Treo 650. The Android open architecture really interest me. When and if it comes to AT&T I may pick one up.
  17. glsda

    glsda New Member

    Sav you are every where but of course with the different phones you have.
  18. imported_jamesb

    imported_jamesb New Member

    I am currently using an Iphone but I am waiting for the G1 phone to be released here in Thailand. Does anyone know when it is hitting the stores in this part of the world?
  19. Danielmarkwogh

    Danielmarkwogh New Member

    I current using of Motorola DEXT new mobile. Its a great feature mobile. I just recently bought is last month in my home town Motorola mobile shop. I like most that done Brod screen with touch pad. The camera result it really very nice ( 5.2) mega pixel)
  20. Weapondrift

    Weapondrift Active Member

    Omgoodness sav did you leave the blackberry?! :eek:

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  21. dgray636

    dgray636 Member

    Knowing Sav, he will get any new device to accessorize his BlackBerry.

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