Droid What phone did you leave for the Droid?

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid Phones' started by chris, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. summit

    summit New Member

    good bye SAGA
  2. dragonfly

    dragonfly New Member

    Welcome to the "left the saga for the droid" group LMAO.
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  4. Aixelsyd

    Aixelsyd New Member

    said bye to my Napoleon, Krave & Telus v9m I swap between. Still kept the Nap & Telus v9m tho for future use.
  5. subdude

    subdude New Member

    left the moto q9m put that day on the calendar to celebrate.:dft010:big_smile
  6. cutback

    cutback New Member

    goodbye moto qc

    HELLO DROID!!! :dft010:big_smile
  7. stormin07

    stormin07 New Member

    I am still using my Q9C from Sprint. I am looking hard at the Droid or maybe the Samsung Moment. The switch from Sprint to Verizon is what is holding me up. Can't decide.
  8. dragonfly

    dragonfly New Member

    Deciding whether or not to leave sprint for a better more reliable network? :dft003:cool whats to decide :dft012:wink unless the spring network is good where you are and only where you are i know around northern jersey the sprint network stinks.
  9. stormin07

    stormin07 New Member

    I live in rural West Virginia and have a Sprint Cell tower on the hill arcross from my house which was upgraded to 3g, 1.5 years ago. Sprint's coverage in West Virginia is fairly good. Don't know about Verizons coverage. Don't know anyone local that has Verizon. The only issues that I have had with Sprint is when I travel. Like northern Wisconsin.
  10. stormin07

    stormin07 New Member

    Sprint is reliable where I live, at least I have not had issues connecting in 2 years.
    Plus $69.99 for the Everything and 450 minutes plan is cheaper than anything comparable that Verizon or ATT has.
  11. TiberiusX

    TiberiusX New Member

    Little late coming to the party on this thread, but I gave up a ppc6800 and my wife left her Q, she has never been excited when I get her something new in the electronics department but now she can't stop showing off her Droid and telling me how much she loves it. Two Droids in our house!! :dft010:big_smile
  12. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    better late than never
    welcome to EA!!
  13. DroidDoes

    DroidDoes New Member

    Phone i left

    I Left Verizon's Samsung Glyde....AND ALL HAS BEEN BETTER SINCE:dft003:cool
  14. misteruplink

    misteruplink New Member

    I left for a Blackberry Storm 1... Haven't looked back, this Droid is amazing cant put down !!!
  15. dragonfly

    dragonfly New Member

    Welcome to the good side :) screw RIM technology :dft011:tounge_out hope you dont miss your "clicky" screen.
  16. tincup703

    tincup703 New Member

    Palm Treo 700p
  17. TheMadJester

    TheMadJester New Member

    Where in West Virginia? I have friends and family in Morgantown.

    I will say that as a former Sprint customer and current Verizon customer, my experience as been that calling customer service on Verizon is WAY better then Sprint. First off, they speak English, second they are very polite and seem like intelligent people. They have always fixed or explained issues with my bills right away. Also, living in rural Maine, Verizon service is far superior to any other service. US Cellular may have more towers and better coverage in barren parts of the state, but no 3G. Plus, I'm moving back to NYC in May/June, and the big V has great coverage there.

    I would recommend checking the Verizon coverage map for your area, if it looks good. Do it.
  18. daddyd302

    daddyd302 New Member

    I left the iphone 3G and AT&T. I personally can't stand AT&T's crappy coverage and drop calls. I get a drop call pretty much every day, and I thought Sprint was bad. I had Sprint for 3 years and had 5 drop calls. I had AT&T for less then 2 years and pretty much had a drop a day.....
  19. cookiemomster

    cookiemomster New Member

    I left the LG Voyager for the Droid and haven't looked back. Heck, I had to pull a contact out of there the other day that I didn't transfer over and forgot how to use it already.
  20. My-Droid

    My-Droid Member

    I miss my Q.

    I just got back from Iraq and wanted something new and exciting. I got it with my Droid. I quit my Storm for my new Droid.
  21. dragonfly

    dragonfly New Member

    What exactly about your Q to you miss? if you are being for real? i went from Q to Saga to Droid :)

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