Would you advise that I buy the HTC Desire-Z at this late stage?

Discussion in 'HTC Android Phones' started by lennel, May 1, 2012.


I have tried pull-out/slider QWERTY Keyboards on cellular phones before

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  1. lennel

    lennel New Member

    Hi, I have the option of buying a second-hand HTC Desire-Z at USD $200, without a plan. Any advice or recommendations to buy or not? I really like the ergonomics of its pull-out QWERTY keyboard that i have not been able to find elsewhere.

  2. stevetaz

    stevetaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Biggest question is if you have actually held the phone and tried it out for how it feels to you? The reviews I have seen rate it pretty well, such as this one. One area of concern is how the hinge holds up and that it may have some play so have you been able to examine this particular device? Do you know the person selling it? Why are they selling it?

    Keep in mind it has a processor that is 18 months old in design and the camera is 5mp, decent, but not what is out today. The OS should have been upgraded to Gingerbread, but that is the limit. No ICS for this one, at least I don't think so.

    Finally, will the device work with your cellular provider? Is it locked or unlocked? Price seems pretty decent as long as there are no issues.

    In the end you have to make the decision. If you are looking for a phone with a keyboard there are limitations in what is available and this one looks like it could be servicable.
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  4. lennel

    lennel New Member

    Thank you Steve for the link... it brings an ache to my heart, remembering how it looks and feels. I will go back to the second hand store to buy it then. Here in SG, people sell their phones all the time,.. like within 8 mths, chasing for the next best thing.

    My phone's hinge was fine. But I do remember before that having to change TWO other htc desire-Z's because the hinges came down whilst texting.

    Thanks also for the reminder.

    Will I face other drawbacks to owning this phone once again at this late stage?

    I know the benefits (ergonomic size which the Galaxy Note from Samsung doesn't offer, because only the HTC Desire-Z fits my hands perfectly) but I want to go into this deal fully aware that I may not be able to root this phone? Or can i? I remember having to delete some apps too... although on paper, the memory seems fine.

  5. stevetaz

    stevetaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    Never said you can't root the phone and I don't know why you could not. Just not something I have personally done yet so I don't mention it.

    You seem to be saying you used to have the DesireZ so you should be familiar with the look, the feel and the operation. Y9u mention memory may be limited and you had to delete some apps? This one has 1.5GB of internal memory which is not bad. In your other thread you are talking about a device that only has 256MB of memory. No comparison.

    Just makle sure this device will operate on your provider's network and then the decision is yours.....
  6. Erick Kincaid

    Erick Kincaid Member

    What type of problem you are facing in current HTC phone ?

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