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  1. chris
    Rooting, unlocking bootloaders, flashing and more. Good times with the HTC One M7.
  2. chris
    Looks like I changed a few things here!
  3. Oscarnosize
    Oscarnosize n99hockey
    hi n99hockey you seem like
    you can help me..i'm having a bit
    trouble here getting my phone,ii want someone to text me the network lock control for SGH-T959.
  4. Anuj Verma
    Anuj Verma
    Hello friends
  5. PeterQuinn
    Android rocks!
  6. wizzrahdev
    I'm in it to win it!
  7. Twisted Deviant
    Twisted Deviant
    Contemplating a new phone :-/ but will always be a droid
  8. Beth71613
    Aarrgghh!! Need help on this android tablet!!
  9. NegroloDanielSiriKalderon
    Samsung Galaxy S III & Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
  10. Alkali
    Behind every great fortune---------
  11. Alkali
    Behind every great fortune-----
  12. Appiens
    Let's get productive!
  13. asdmgroup
    Android developers
  14. Bobby Arrington
    Bobby Arrington
    Imagebutton is not displaying the image correctly, when the app runs, the Image is all black... What am I doing wrong?
  15. No-Man
    i Work on techglen
  16. LaDY Vengeance
    LaDY Vengeance
    Hi, guys! I have a LG Optimus L9 P769 and I'm new here! :-)
  17. Pontefy
    As times change, human tools change as well. Switch to Pontefy app to stay in sync with modern business requirements. #mobilecommerce
  18. Tanya Edwards
    Tanya Edwards
    Geaux Saints!
  19. teribithia
    Good words without deeds are rushes and reeds.
  20. matosnek
    Save them all!