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Dec 25, 2016
Feb 7, 2007
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Jul 20, 1981 (Age: 39)
Princeton, NJ

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Moderator, 39, from Princeton, NJ

n99hockey was last seen:
Dec 25, 2016
    1. Oscarnosize
      hi n99hockey you seem like
      you can help me..i'm having a bit
      trouble here getting my phone,ii want someone to text me the network lock control for SGH-T959.
    2. HARISH
      hi actually i want to develop reservation app and facing problems in the java code while navigating to the last screen it should store entire details of a passenger bt it is not storing , can u pls suggest me how to overcome this problem
    3. JHutson456
      If you could change the Thread Title here: http://goo.gl/F8dv6 to "[ROM][PORT] InsomMIUI - HTC Glacier Gingerbread - AndroidInsomnia" minus quotes I would appreciate it. That should at least help people to not think it's so out of date. Thank you.
    4. tonwarr.the.destroyer
      I was just wondering if you knew how or where I could find somebody who wanted to trade my moto droid for a htc droid eris? I'm new here and don't know my way around yet. Thank you.
    5. krazy1z
      i have tried that for some time. maybe my desktop is screwing up, everythime i try to get into the thread it throws me out of my IE.
    6. krazy1z
      hello. i wanted to know how do i search for a sticky? i just had to get my q replaced and cant remember where to go to get the reg codes to unlock my phone and all that good stuff. if you could please send me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it
    7. scozta
      and maybe you could assist me on finding sdhc.cab? i am finding a lot on the internet, but i want one that is safe. please help :] thank you in advance
    8. scozta
      OMG sorry i was looking for the sdhc thing and i noticed that you have the same birthday as me. but exactly ten years older :D happy belated birthday
    9. bragl123
      Hi n99hockey...I can't seem to get a new topic button on the the Accessory forum. The bottom window isn't giving me permission to post. Everything else is OK on the other forums I usually check. Thanks.
    10. tinamaree
      Hi, can you please email me the instructions on going from 6.0 to 6.1. Be gentle:) I haven't got a clue as to what I'm doing. I had the orginial Q-just got the Q9m from VZW
    11. Q-Area51
      Thanks for banning me, man ! YOU can pretty much go fuck yourself !!! C YA . . . wouldn't want to be ya - ASSHOLE !!!!!
    12. SmD71nG
    13. fireman_efd_101
      where do i go to download the smsbubbles program????
    14. lildman
      Hey I was chatting with MOTO MANIAC about trading for a Q9n, but his PM box is full. Anyway you could get him a message to clear out some space?
    15. rick26
      hi n99hockey you seem like you can help me..i'm having a bit trouble here getting my phone to charge and figuring out things. wondering if u can help me please. i just got my new black moto q from att in the mail yesterday bout 5pm. and well its not charging. i plugged it in the wall charger for bout two hours and it seemed like it was charging so i turned the phone on and it had 1 bar. and thats it. it didnt charge while it was on because the battery is low again. but now when i turn it off because its sayin main battery low replace or charge, and plug the wall charger back into the phone it turns right back on. it wont stay off. its not charging. how come???? please help me............its finally off now and the charger is plugged into it, but the lights arent on..ugh this is so frustrating. i really do hope you can help me. ill b back tomorrow bye
    16. TexasV0R
      I followed your FlashBundle and core player instructions...all works perfectly! Thanks!
    17. radarwill
      Can you please do me a favor?
      Please complete the action I requested in the past.
      Please revoke my membership to this site.
      Thanks and Bye.

      P.S. You guys truely do have a great technical resource here.
    18. radarwill
      I don't really have a problem. I just thought it rude of you to move my "tahnks very much" post to the introductions without even a hi or an explanation.
      I guess maybe I hade you pegged, perhaps inaccurately, as a power tripping moderator.
      Am I wrong? My apologies if so.
    19. dragonfly
      Hey buddy, got a question for ya. my brother has the q9m and he can't get the my location feature to go says currently not avail. i thought that phone has that feature on it? we turned his location on in the settings of the q but google maps still wont find his location. any ideas?
    20. radarwill
      Can you please do me a favor?
      Please cancel my registration and I won't trouble you furthur.
      Thanks and bye.
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    Jul 20, 1981 (Age: 39)
    Princeton, NJ



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