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Anyone thinking of getting the gear solo?

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by rom x, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. rom x


    Jun 27, 2011

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    now this is a WIN!
  2. stevetaz


    Sep 23, 2008
    I have very mixed feelings about this device and wearables in general. First, from what I saw on that loooooong video the device has some great features such as a stunning display, but the display is stunning and usable because it is absolutely huge. I can't imagine wearing that all day. Seeing the reviewer show us the various things this piece of technology does was very helpful.

    I am still viewing these as wearable technology in its infancy. Very cool concept, becoming reality, but still a bit out there.

    $400? I also keep reading as how it is a stand-alone, but in order to buy from any of the carriers you MUST have one of the newer Galaxy devices. SIII, S$, etc. It looks like they say you need the phone for both the initial setup and future updates. The watch has its own SIM and a separate phone number, but is actually a peripheral on the master contract. Sprint charges an extra $10 per month. The watch can be paired with your phone and calls forwarded to the watch so the phone can be left at home. That means you don't have to give out the watch number for people to call you on that, but you have to keep the add-on contract to use that feature.

    Even the video reviewer mentioned you had to sign up for an add-on plan, but then just cancel it?

    I think my age is showing in complaining about the size of this, but that is my first and strongest reaction seeing it in action. It is massive. I have slender wrists....LOL...

    Here are a couple of written reviews:

    You jumping in romx?
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  4. rom x


    Jun 27, 2011
    im not 100% sure i will this year. maybe next year who knows i really don't like wearing anything on me not even a wallet. but this watch unlike all the others i have seen and that includes the iwatch just seems to do just about everything a phone can. so i can see it has it's up sides. like for example you go to a wedding and don't want to have anything bulky in your pockets then you could use the watch and not miss a thing. all in all the gear solo does everything we grew up seeing on dick tacy, inspector gadget and other crazy cartoons. no doubt the best out right now.
  5. sherri


    Jun 29, 2007
    I work with infants and toddlers, so I seems I change diapers for a living. I wash my hands at least 70 times a day, so I would be taking this off too often. Or getting poop on it. So.... I guess I am sticking with my $19.99 Timex for now...

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