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Droid 2 Reviews

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by chris, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. chris


    Jun 1, 2006

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    Looks like the Droid 2 reviews have finally started landing. I wonder why they didn't release early units for review?


    Wrap up...There's no question that the Droid 1 was entering its twilight years, especially in the aftermath of the Droid X's release; Motorola and Verizon knew they needed to bring the old model up to spec if they wanted to keep a quality physical QWERTY Android device on the shelves. The problem is that in doing so, they've killed off one of the Droid's most endearing features -- the fact that it ran stock Android -- and have failed to make any improvements compelling enough to warrant an upgrade. In other words, Droid owners, don't feel bad that your phone has been replaced here; in fact, we're pretty sure we'd rather have a Froyo-equipped Droid over a Droid 2, especially since the 2's new processor fails to translate into huge performance gains that you can feel in your day-to-day usage.

    If you're just looking for the baddest-ass Android phone on Verizon that money can buy, we'd recommend a Droid X or Droid Incredible any day over this, especially since all three are the same price -- unless you're hell-bent on going with a physical keyboard, of course. Both of those other handsets offer superior cameras, a better UI (in the case of the Incredible), and a better display (in the case of the X).

    Phone Arena

    When you have an army of Android devices out there, especially when we witness multiple top shelf devices being released, it makes it rather difficult for any specific one to stand out unless it's able to set the bar higher. Back in the fall of last year, the Motorola DROID was able to make a name for itself, because it boasted stellar hardware backed with a full bodied platform, while competition was scarce as hen's teeth. However, the DROID 2 is coming in at a time when it's facing stiff competition from basically every side. Case in point with the recently released Motorola DROID X, and we mean recent, which managed to attract consumers with its fresh new looks and equipped power. The Motorola DROID 2 does improve a lot over its predecessor, but it doesn't offer the compelling features found on the DROID X to make it a substantially superior or even equal handset. Granted though it has a slightly improved QWERTY keyboard, its $199.99 on-contract pricing is rather less appealing – even more when the DROID X offers 720p video recording, a larger screen, and the soon-to-be equal size of DROID DOES with Android 2.2. That said, the DROID 2 will surely appeal to those users, who find a 4.3-inch screen handset too big, just can't go without a physical QWERTY, and still want to enjoy multimedia and web in a decent way.

    In the end, the Motorola DROID 2 takes the customary route of being a successor by playing it safe with its upgraded features over the original. However, there is this sense of appeal that's lost just because we've already seen this device before. And when the original is getting the Froyo treatment, the only thing that makes the DROID 2 superior are the stronger internals.
  2. vvxifeng16

    vvxifeng16 Guest

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  4. jlszarejko

    jlszarejko New Member

    Aug 30, 2010
    I have the Droid 2 and my biggest thing was the physical keyboard!! If I didn't have the physical keyboard the phone would be out the window!!!!

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