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Nexus 10 vs Windows Surface Pro (convince me)

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by synikk, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. synikk

    synikk New Member

    Sep 4, 2013

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    I'm in the market for a tablet and I'm drifting towards a Nexus 10. I am trying to convince myself a nexus 10 will fulfill my needs so that I don't have to get a windows surface pro.

    Is the surface pro capable of running x86 games? What I am wondering is if it will run any games at all from like the past decade since xp was new. It seems like it's specs would still be underpowered to me to accomplish this, but I'm not sure. It's specs are definitely underpowered to run *new* games right? That mobile/integrated video set up just doesn't seem like it could handle anything that wasn't designed specifically for it.

    Now, I've done alot of research and I understand you can root the android devices and even get them up and running windows xp, however, I am certain the preformance doing this is also extremely sluggish. Sluggish to the point you could do very little this way save for copying files or maybe word processing and some light browsing. All of which you could essentially do from android's own os anyway I think... as it was designed for.

    So I'm sure the preformance for any x86 gaming would be terrible running this way, right? What about simple games like non action games? Puzzle strategy or adventure. Are these capable of running on any tablets? I know tablets like the nexus run their own native fps games and racing games fine but I assume they would struggle to run any native windows games, even the surface pro... Can anyone clear this up for me?

    Ideally I would love to have a tablet capable of running windows xp and later games but I doubt this really exists. That leads me to think that maybe I should be looking for a gaming laptop, but I do really like the touch interface and the ability to have just a screen without kb.

    Thanks for any suggestions... also, what about these super cheap android ones?

    I'm not sure of their names but on ebay you can find 10'' google android 4.03 table 8gb 1gb dd3 hdmi bundle keyboard tablets for a hundred bucks.

    I'm not even sure of it's name but it goes for around 100 bucks.

    You get 2 dedicated usb ports (way nicer than nexus) and even a network cable plugin! I realize its ram/storage/cpu are slower, but does that matter 300 dollars worth? Can it still run any native android top end games or not? What exactly is gained by a nexus over this bargain priced tab? I just don't get why it would have some 'better' features. I would love to have 2 actual usb inputs for a nexus instead of 1 tiny fake one. It also comes with a nice looking keyboard attachment which looks alot better than any of the clunky ones I've seen for nexus. I do like what I've seen on the nexus dedicated android games, which I guess would be the only selling point to convince me to pay an extra 300 bucks for something that still won't be everything I want when a 100 dollar version even has 'some' better options. I think surface pro also only has 1 usb. frustrating. Thanks for ideas
  2. stevetaz


    Sep 23, 2008
    You are all over the map and I have no idea what you are looking for. You are talking about an $800 Surface Pro and comparing to a $400 Nexus and then asking about $100 throw-away Chinese import tablets?

    Then you want to run an ancient PC OS on a new tablet?

    I will say you should consider staying away from the Surface RT as the RT OS and the device are probably close to death. The Pro version may have better prospects, but is much more costly ($800+)
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  4. W2PMX

    W2PMX New Member

    Sep 26, 2013
    The Surface Pro runs Windows 8 on an i5 processor. It has the equivalent of a 1GB hard drive (a lot of it used for Windows), a 1920X1080 display, 4GB of RAM. (If they run on Windows 7, they should run on Windows 8.) So if the games will run (walk? crawl?) on that setup, they should - let's say "execute" - on the Surface.

    But you're hauling trees with a Volkswagen Beetle. A tablet isn't really made for gaming, and you probably wouldn't be happy with any game written for a later OS than DOS 6. (You'll learn what "lag" REALLY means.)
  5. francescocrispi

    francescocrispi New Member

    Oct 30, 2013
    Facing i5 processor running Windows 8. It has 1 GB of hard disk space, which is equivalent to 1920 × 1080 display, 4GB of memory.

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