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Recover Lost data of Internal Memory + Moto G

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Anuj Mattoo, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. Anuj Mattoo

    Anuj Mattoo Guest

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    Sad day for me, I copied some images to my phone from PC. When opened my gallery, not a single image could be seen. Everything wiped out suddenly. There were tons of photos (No backup).

    My Moto G (1st Gen) is not even rooted, which makes it even more difficult to recover data.

    Is there any way I can recover Lost/deleted data from Internal Memory?

    Please someone help! I am in real trouble.
  2. stevetaz


    Sep 23, 2008
    There are many recovery applications available in the Play Store. Investigate and decide which will meet your needs...

    Please be sure you use this awful experience as a learning tool. There are so many methods available to save valuable files including applications, media cards and the cloud. Use a multi-pronged approach and don't copy them to one place thinking you are covered. Drives fail, devices get wet, sites crash, etc.

    If your files have value to you treat them like they do and take PROACTIVE steps to protect and preserve them.
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  4. LauraSmithMS

    LauraSmithMS New Member

    Aug 8, 2016
    Hi Anuj,
    Sad u faced this, I know it must be really frustrating, I am a non-technical person though, one tip for a cloud backup for all the photos and videos is to upload them on your Google drive, this way you can access it from your Android phone as well whenever you want and also you can share it with anyone you want by just adding their Gmail ID to that folder, very simple fast and easy I love it, so it is like a safe heaven for the photos and videos I do the same. Thanks
  5. lisawhite

    lisawhite New Member

    Jul 18, 2016
    As far as i know, an android data recovery app could restore lost data from internal memory and sd card of your phone. Google it to know more.

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