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Root by definition

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Weapondrift, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. Weapondrift


    Feb 1, 2008

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    so ive decided to take it upon myself to do a writeup at least once a week to explain the technical side of things for us users. Please bear with me as i have alot on my plate...Mods, you might want to sticky these for future references.

    First question: "what is root?":
    To have root access on a linux based system means you have the equivalent access of Administrator on a Windows based computer. You will have unrestricted full access to nearly all aspects of androids system stack.

    Second question: "why would i want to obtain root access on my phone?":
    Having a rooted phone gives the end user unprecedented control over the phone. Essentially unlocking your phone's full potential. With root/superuser access on your phone you would be able to flash modified roms (roms from other devices) , have access to certain functions on "root only" applications (example: wireless tether for root users - ability to tether your phone). The possibilities are endless.

    Third question: "how do root?":
    To obtain root access, similar to jailbreaking, developers/hackers will need to find a system exploit that enables them root access. This means to having the superuser.apk in the rom with the superuser binaries installed. Once you have root access you can continue to flash a customized recovery image and a compatible bootloader/spl (secondary program loader) which will in turn, enable you to flash custom modified roms (example: cyanogenmod)

    In addition to voiding your warranty,
    There are many risks associated with rooting your phone. The most apparent risk is bricking your device. If this happens: Your phone is and forever will be, nothing more than, a brick.

    So far, there are no software solutions for a bricked device. Your phone will be stuck at the splash loading screen indefinitely.
    The only for sure way to brick your device is to corrupt both the recovery image and the secondary program loader and the actual rom itself.
    As long as you have at least one of the three items listed, you are not the proud owner of a bricked device and can recover your phone.
    It is only when you are unable to enter recovery, fastboot, or your rom, and your device is stuck on the splash screen indefinitely, do you have a bricked device.

    Also note that rooting your phone will block over the air updates that your carrier may provide you. You will have to update your own phone from now on.

    How did I brick my device?:
    In most cases, you really have to try, to brick your device. As long as one of the three safety’s built into your phone are functioning, you should have no problem resurrecting your phone.

    You may thank MJ5150 for his original writeup, I am just spreading the wealth.
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  2. n99hockey


    Feb 7, 2007
    very nice write up....
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  4. BikerBoy

    BikerBoy New Member

    Sep 11, 2011
    Okay how do i make sure i have 1 of the three at least so i don't brick my phone ? I wana root it but i never dealt with android rooting before.
  5. Weapondrift


    Feb 1, 2008
    Well typically, you don't have to worry about any of this. Unless you are actually writing the code that makes up this phone. There are so many posts that have covered everything from a stuck bootloader to constant reboots which sometimes happen with rooting and all of these things mentioned are easy fixes (reflashing the .pmb.zip file, and reflashing a new ROM)

    my best advice to you is to read read read read about how to root and making sure you have all the tools in front of you for a sucessful flash. Im not trying to scare you here but the more you know the less likely you will be to freak out if an issue occurs

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  6. AndroTech

    AndroTech New Member

    Jan 10, 2012
    Z4Root = one button root.

    It's not on the market though, you'll need to use a search engine to install it.

    Also allows you UNroot if you ever have to return to a stock phone.
  7. n99hockey


    Feb 7, 2007
    Assuming Z4Root works with that particular device
  8. BikerBoy

    BikerBoy New Member

    Sep 11, 2011
    I need to return to Stock ?How do i go around doing that please ?
  9. n99hockey


    Feb 7, 2007
    What method did you use to root your phone?
  10. * Tha70749er *

    * Tha70749er * New Member

    Jul 12, 2012
    guys, first of all thank you for the information so far but I have a metropcs huawei ascend M860 running froyo 2.2. I would like to root my phone so that I may increase its performance by deleting a few of the system apps that I never use. I have tried Z4root and gingerbreak-v.1.2. I have not been able to find gingerbreak-v.1.30 . but anyway I have made sure that the usb debug mode is checked and also that my s d card is mounted and also formatted. so far it will not successfully rooted my phone but I also have not tried it with the phone physically connected to the computer via usb port. can someone please help me and tell me if I am skipping a step or what am I doing wrong?? I appreciate it very much. thank you for your time
    Sent from my HUAWEI-M860 using Everything Android
  11. Dolan

    Dolan Guest

    I have tried Z4Root to root my HUAWEI-M920 phone and have no luck, any clues
    why its not working?

  12. n99hockey


    Feb 7, 2007
    Because Z4Root doesn't work for every device.
  13. sherri


    Jun 29, 2007
    Short and sweet! Love it!

    Sent from my Droid Razr using Tapatalk 2
  14. Dolan

    Dolan Guest

    okay Mr. Short Answer and NO I don't LOVE IT

    haha, like what is 1 + 1 ?
    nope its not 5

    so therefore people, care to tell me what I can use to root my phone?

  15. Dolan

    Dolan Guest

    Okay REALLY? is that not like OBVIOUS?

    don't mean to sound rude! just stating the fact.

    Any idea what root app I might use to root my cell?
  16. PacoJr67


    Mar 6, 2007
  17. Dolan

    Dolan Guest

    well thanks for saying! all I wanted was to root my phone, but sometimes it is not as
    easy. Have not tried it yet. Will see soon if it works

  18. Dolan

    Dolan Guest

    okay the sega of the Root continues with me!

    I did the method with the sdk and update.zip, did not work. When I did
    the thing it told me to type at the command prompt it is suppose to list my device? somehow and it did not
    show up in the devices list.

    Any other help? or should I just forget trying to root this phone

  19. stevetaz


    Sep 23, 2008
    Sounds like you are not having much luck. If you have already seen this or tried it I apologize, but thought I would give it to you in case it may help....
    And this.....

    I have not personally done any rooting so I can't give you help as a user.....
  20. n99hockey


    Feb 7, 2007
    Make sure you have the phones drivers installed...when make sure you set up ADB correctly, ADB is probably what you are trying to list your device in
    start -->run--> type 'cmd'
    type -->adb devices

    then an numerical code should pop up if your drivers and SDK are properly set up
  21. Dolan

    Dolan Guest

    this might be my trouble
    is not having the phones drivers installed, though I am able to connect it to usb and show the phone and sd card

    thanks for helping

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