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Samsung Galaxy Note7 - A "Hot" Product?

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by stevetaz, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. stevetaz


    Sep 23, 2008

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    I am truly amazed that a company the size of Samsung with almost endless resources as well as years of experience could possibly release a :"Flagship" product that is prone to fire/explosion as is the case with their Galaxy Note7 series. SPECIAL NOTE: This DOES NOT include Galaxy S7s.

    So they had the known problem happening more than randomly. They took their sweet time to acknowledge the problem and to offer a solution. which also too a long time to be made available, but they finally did.........And they seem to have the same problem and Samsung announced the Galaxy Note7 series is no longer in production. Refunds or credit to purchase a different Samsung phone model are being offered.

    I cannot understand how a technology company like Samsung could release a Flagship device like the Note7 with the hidden danger that came to light in a very ugly way. Okay, things happen....once.

    However, I am mystified how they could offer replacement devices that appear to have the same problem. And we thought BlackBerry made some management errors when they failed to realize they could not dictate a market they started? Their arrogance certainly was a large part of their fall. They figured they would tell the consumers what they should want and we have made it for you so you should come to us and buy it. It is what we say you must want and have. Apps? Don't be silly...People want security, not amusement. Not the same kind of problem Samsung has, but handling a crisis is the point.

    Samsung's problem does seem to be limited to the Note7 line and handled properly consumers should return, but they could easily shoot themselves in the foot if they don't take positive action to help the current owners and to make sure everyone understands they have made some serious and positive steps to insure there will never be a repeat because they will be doing this, this and this....

    And the DOT/FAA took the unusual step of banning Note7 devices from aircraft. On or off, old or new versions.

    I sure hope Samsung learns from it. I hear many saying this will simply be a bump in the road and will be forgotten within one or two new model releases. Earnings will be hurt very slightly and not for long. After all, the Note7 is a Flagship device, but may account for less than 5% of income.

    BlackBerry is already a case study in what NOT to do. Hopefully Samsung will be a study on how to properly handle a crisis.

    \end rant <smile>
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  2. Andrew Jones

    Andrew Jones New Member

    Jan 11, 2017
    Very useful information indeed!
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